Critical role of TGF-β1-induced peritoneal metastasis of ovarian cancer cell through up-regulation of TGF-β type I receptor

Journal of Cellular Cancer Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 24-27
Received January 21, 2016; accepted May 26, 2016; published June 19, 2016

 Rory A. Collins, Andres D. Metspalu, Carla M. van El, Andersen S. Mamsen, Charles Y. Dondorp, Lidewij E. Henneman¹*   


Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy in female due to difficulties in diagnosing early stage disease before peritoneal metastasis. In this study, we investigated the signaling pathway of Transforming Growth Factor-β1 (TGF-β1), on the migration of ovarian cancer cells induced by TGF-β type I R. In vivo experiments (1 × 112) of A2780 pBABE was injected under the ovarian bursa in 8- 10-week-old female nude mice. All mice were killed after 4 weeks and intraperitoneal nodules were extracted and weighed to compare relative tumor burden. All tumors were subsequently analyzed by hematoxylin and eosin staining. The findings of this study suggested that TβRI has a potent role in the tumor metastatic activity of TGF-β1 and as a marker of peritoneal metastasis.

Keywords: Ovarian cancer; Peritoneal metastasis; TGF-β1; Gynecologic malignancy

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