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Co-activation of Notch and Wnt mediates progression of ovarian cancer cells

 Minoru B.Tada¹, Suzan Kamath, Lindsell E. Norton, Kathleen B. Loomes∗AbstractOvarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy. In recent data have shown constitutive upregulation of the Notch1 signaling pathway in many forms of solid and hematological malignancies. However, it remains unclear whether this signaling pathway is activated in ovarian cancer cells. In the present study, […]

Detection of (HPV) using in situ hybridization molecular method in cervical lesions of Iraqi women

  Suhad Faisal Hatem Al mugdadi¹, Ban abbas abd- almajeed², Maha Mahamommed Alsayyid³, Zahraa Amer¹, Shahad Ayad¹AbstractHuman papilloma virus is a group of genetically related viruses that commonly infect stratified squamous epithelium. HPVs induce proliferative changes that result in both benign and malignant tumors. HPV causes a mixture of lesions ranging from common warts to cervical […]

Cytotoxicity and modulation of synthesized nitrochalcone derivative on rhabdomyosarcoma cell line Journal of Cellular Cancer Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 41-51 Received March 01, 2016; accepted May 08, 2016; published June 28, 2016 Khalida K. Abbas Al-Kelaby1*, Samer A. Hasan2, Jawad K. Abbas3 Abstract Many efforts have focused on the therapeutic approach of cancer for a long time by studying of cytotoxic activities of plant […]

Real time PCR detection chromosomal translocation in lymphoma by special probe Journal of Cellular Cancer  Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 28-33 Received January 21, 2016; accepted May 28, 2016; published June 28, 2016 Thana Mohammed Juda1*, Seenaa Badr1 Abstract The research of malignancy was mostly reach to facts that the cancer is multifactorial, many risk factors are associated with developing of cancer in normal cell […]

Critical role of TGF-β1-induced peritoneal metastasis of ovarian cancer cell through up-regulation of TGF-β type I receptor Journal of Cellular Cancer Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 24-27 Received January 21, 2016; accepted May 26, 2016; published June 19, 2016  Rory A. Collins, Andres D. Metspalu, Carla M. van El, Andersen S. Mamsen, Charles Y. Dondorp, Lidewij E. Henneman¹*    Abstract Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy in female due to […]

Continuous bevacizumab plus second line chemotherapy beyond progression during or after maintenance bevacizumab Journal of Cellular Cancer  Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 12-23 Received January 28, 2016; accepted May 21, 2016; published June 17, 2016 Haider Y. Shukur1* Abstract Bevacizumab has FDA approval in the first and second line treatment combined with chemotherapy of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC). Data is lacking on survival outcomes in patients who […]

Critical role of BIRC5 amplification in gastric cancer Journal of Cellular Cancer  Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 16-22 Received December 02, 2015; accepted May 20, 2016; published June 13, 2016 Lianghai Zuo1, Jing Wang 2, Feng Xiong1, Jun Hou1* Abstract Baculoviral IAP repeats containing 5 (BIRC5) is negatively encoded proteins regulation and inhibit apoptosis. BIRC5 has been demonstrated to […]

Histological implication of p53 gene expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma

  Karima Al Salihi1*, Ihsan Abdullah2, S. L. Ang3AbstractThis study intends to detect the TP53 genetic alterations and mutations in the conserved regions of the TP53 gene in tumor tissue collected from oral squamous cell carcinoma patients (OSCC), using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and direct sequencing, as well as to evaluate the expression of P53 by […]